Q. Three blocks A, B and C are connected by inextensible strings, are placed on a fixed wedge of inclination 30 degree. The contact surfaces are frictionless and the pulleys are frictionless and massless.
  • What is the acceleration of the 4 kg block?
  • What is the Tension in string 1? 
  • What is the Tension in string 2? 

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let the tension in the string between 2 kg and 4 kg is T and T' for the other one .let the accn be a and the 4kg is going downward.eqn for block 4 kg4g-T=4aeqn for block 2kg on wedge2gsin30+T-T'=2aeqn from 2 kg T'-2g=2asolve the three eqn 2gsin30+T=2g+4a4g-T=4a3g=8aa=3g8=308=3.75 m/s2   accn question 18 option BT=410+3.75=55N T'=27.5 Ni Think the option for 19 is wrong . i had checked Regards

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