Q. What is a flat spiral spring? Describe an experiment to determine the modulus of rigidity of a material in the form of flat spiral spring.
and my solution is below in the image. In my view my soln is incomplete, there is neither any derivation in my soln nor any diagram. Procedure is also incomplete. plz help me for completing this draw diag becaz diagram is necessary here


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Flat spiral springs  are also known as  spiral  torsion, clock  springs  or brush  springs . They are characterized by the requirement that the coil contact is minimized during operation. 3
1) Measure the diameter of the wire of the spring by using the micrometer.
2) Measure the diameter of spring coils by using the vernier caliper
3) Count the number of turns. 4) Insert the spring in the spring testing machine and load the spring by a suitable weight and note the corresponding axial deflection in tension or compression.
5) Increase the load and take the corresponding axial deflection readings.
6) Plot a curve between load and deflection. The shape of the curve gives the stiffness of the spring.
modulus of rigidity is given by:C= 8WDm3n δd4where W= loadDm=mean diameter of the sprin (spring diameter - diameter of wire)δ is deflectiond is the diameter of the springn is the no of turns.

This is the complete solution it is not necessary that each and every answer must contain derivation and diagram.

If you have any doubt do let us know we will help you out.

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