Q. What made the chief astrologer place his finger on his hare?
Q. Why did Maharaja ban tiger hunting in the state?
Q. Why did te diwan decide to give his own tiger to be killed by the Maharaja?
​Q. When was the Tiger King in danger of losing his thrown?

Dear student,

Answer 1: The gesture of placing a finger on his nose was due to the fact that the astrologer was surprised to the core as he had never heard a ten days old child speak. (Kindly recheck the question.)

Answer 2: The king wanted to kill a hundred tigers and defeat death. Thus, he ordered people to not hunt any tigers, so that he could hunt all of them alone.

Answer 3: The Deewan wanted to save his job at any cost and hence, he himself gave a tiger to be killed by the King.

Answer 4: The tiger king was on the verge of loosing his kingdom as he had not allowed a high ranking British officer from hunting a tiger in his kingdom or to take a photograph along with the tiger killed by the king. However, he averted the danger by impressing the officer's wife by sending samples of 50 expensive  diamond rings. Though he had expected that she would choose one or two out of the lot, the duraisani accepted all of them. The gift cost the king 3 lakh rupees but he was able to safeguard his kingdom.


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