Q.Write the prime numbers from 1 to 100 whose units place digit is : 
(Note : The one place is also called unit place)
(a) 1                 (b) 3                  (c) 5                    (d) 7

Q. Find the prime numbers from the following numbers :
(a)141                 (b) 181               (c) 86                   (d) 83           (e) 81          (f)67            (g)93             (h)61 (i)43                    (j)97                  (k)91                     (l)30           (m)163        (n)187          (o)184           (p)131 (q)169                (r)119                 (s)134                     (t)177

Dear student

a) 11,31,41,61,71b) 3,13,23,43,53,73,83c)5d)7,17,37,47,67,97
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Prime no. Is the one which can be divisible by 1 or the no. itself.
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