Q1. Differentiate between bronchus and broncheoles Q2. Which invisible movements are considered as indicative of life

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Bronchi Bronchioles
Bronchi are tubes that branch off from the trachea into each lungs. Bronchioles are smaller tubes that branch off from each bronchus
Bronchie are less in number. Bronchioles are numerous in numbers.

The movement of various molecules that cannot be visible with naked eye is invisible movement of molecules. Inside living organisms various chemical reactions are taking place continuously like photosynthesis, digestion, transpiration, respiration etc. all these reactions include movements of numerous molecules inside the body. Movement of oxygen and carbon dioxide gas molecules through blood during respiration, breaking down of water molecules in photosynthesis, movement of solute molecules during transportation etc. are examples of movement of invisible molecules inside living organisms which are highly necessary for life.

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The trachea which ie the air pipe divide into 2 when it enters the lungs this division is called bronchus and this bronchus in the lungs further divides into bronchioles.
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