Q1 Give reasons:

(a) A camel can run in a desert easily as compared to horse.
(b) A army tank weighing more than a thousand tonne rests upon a continuous chain.
(c) A truck or a motorbus has much wider tyres.
(d) Cutting tools have sharper edges.
(e) Buildings have broad foundations
(f) Dams have broader walls at the bottom.
(g) A cork floats while a nail sinks in water
(h) A body loses its weight when dipped in water
Q2. Name the factor on which the density of the fluid depends.


Some of the answers:



  • Camels have cushion like broad pad toes which decrease the pressure on sand in the deserts and help them to walk on it.
  • A truck or motorbus bus has broad tyres so that there is less pressure on the ground and the tyres do not sink due to the weight.
  • Cutting tools have sharper edge because due to this the force of our hand falls over a very small area of the object producing a large pressure and this large pressure cuts the object easily.
  • A body  appear to be less heavy when submerged in water than they are in air because the water exerts an upward force on the object.


The density of the fluid depends on temperature, pressure, and composition.

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