Q1. If 4/5 of an estate be worth Rs.1680/-, find the value of half of the estate.

Q2. Ramesh spends 5/6th part of his monthly income. if his annual saving is Rs.624 find his annual income.

 Q1.  let the whole real estate be x

then, its 4/5 is 4/5x

ATQ. 4/5x=1680

4x = 1680*5

x= 8400/4 = Rs.2100

now half of the real estate = 2100/2 = Rs.1050

Q2. expenditure by ramesh=5/6th part of income

saving by ramesh=6/6-5/6=1/6th part of income

let the income be x

ATQ 1/6x= 624

x = 624 * 6 = Rs.3744

therefore, ramesh's annual income is Rs.3744. 

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