Q1. Kinds of food  and modes of feeding of the given animals

  snail, ant, eagle, humming bird, lice, mosquito, butterfly, house fly.

Q2. What is calcium carbonate?

Q3.What do we mean by digestive tract?

Q4.What are reasons for vomitting if we vomit after eating food?

Q5.Can we survive only on raw,leafy vegetables/grass? discuss.

Q6. Under what conditions does a patient need to be on a drip of glucose?Till when does   a patient need to be given glucose?How does glucose help the patient recover?

Your friend is partially correct,


AnimalFoodFeeding Habit
SnailSmall plants or AlgaeEating
AntSweet things like jam, sugar etc.Swallowing
EagleSmall birds, fishes, reptiles etc.Eating
Humming birdNectarSucking
MosquitoNectar and bloodSucking
House flyFeacal material, waste food etc.Sucking

2. Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) is a white, insoluble solid occurring naturally as chalk, limestone, marble and forming shells of the animals like mollusks.

3. Digestive tract is the collection of  organs or different body parts which carry out the process of digestion like stomach , small intestine, liver etc.

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 @ruqaia.....Good work...Keep posting!

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ant- screaling


eagle-capuring and swallowing



humming bird-sucking

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