Q1- Mourad could be described as an animal lover. Justify in about 100 words?

Various instances from the story which would help us in understanding that Mourad was an animal lover are:

  • In the story, he procured a beautiful white Armenian horse.
  • Mourad sang when he rode the horse.
  • Although it was a stolen horse, his passion for riding it was so strong that he rode it fearlessly and sang in the open.
  • He had taken a few early morning rides before bringing it to the narrator.
  • He had a way with horses and knew how to tame them against running wild.
  • He took good care of the horse which shows his dexterity in this field. Also, he seems to be emotionally attached to the horse.

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Mourad can be described as an animal lover because he was able to understand animals mentioned in the story..i;e horse nd d dogs..more than the narrator could do..he was brilliantly coping with them,and seemed to be attached with the horse

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