Q1. Name the four major physical units of india.

Q2. What are known as trans-Himalayan ranges?

Q3 Which water bodies surround the indian peninsula?

Q4. What kind of mountains are the Himalayas? Name the three ranges.

Q5. Name the countries which form the indian subcontinent.

Q6. What is a delta?

Dear Student,

Answer to two questions are given below: 

ans3) The water bodies around Indian peninsula are:

  • Indian ocean in the South
  • Arabian sea in the West
  • Bay of Bengal in the East

ans4)Dear Studentmalayas are the fold mountains formed by the impact of the Indian tectonic plate when it crashed with the Eurasian continent. The three ranges if Dear Studentmalayas are:

  • Dear Studentmadri
  • Dear Studentmachal
  • Shiwalik

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