Q1) Read the following passage carefully. WHITE FUNGUS - White fungus is considered to be more deadly and lethal than black fungus. From what is known so far ,a white fungus infection can be more severe in nature ,cause many more symptoms, and unlike the distinct facial deformity which is a visible characteristic feature of the infection ( black crust-like formation ,one-sided swelling on the face),a white fungus infection ,doctors suggest may only be conducting an HRCT-LIKE chest scan. As we battle growing cases of fatal fungi-causing infections, here`s everything which we need to know about the same. As with many infections, a white fungus infection causes most damage to a person who has a low immune threshold. Thus a person with low-immunity , or already at risk of other comorbidities, or using immuno- suppressant medications has a high risk of catching the white fungal infection. people suffering from condition like diabetes ,cancer and other comorbidities which require continuous steroid usage , could also face the risk of catching the infection. Some reports also cite that women and children face additional risks of infection ,which were previously unseen with black fungus infection. Doctors also warn that much black fungus , the white fungus could also spread when a person comes in contact with unsanitary surfaces, particularly for patients on prolonged oxygen support , wherein water sources could be contaminated may also be a source of transmission ,which is also the reason why doctors are seeing a rise in white fungus cases reported amongst Hospitalised Covid-19 patients . For example, the use of unfiltered /tap water in humidifies/ oxygen cylinder can make patients susceptible to getting white fungus symptoms . This is also one of the reasons why special concern should be focused on sanitation and hygiene at a time like right now. As seen in maximum cases , most people detected with the white fungus infection showcased respiratory symptoms similar to covid-19 ,but ended up testing negative for the virus , Expert opinions suggest that getting X-RAY OR CHEST SCAN can accurately predict how serve the disease is, and how vital organs might be affected. symptoms of the disease could also present similarly to that of the black fungus infection in cases . However, for those suffering from severe infection , when the fungus spread to the lungs , more complicated symptoms may be seen. Reports suggest that most patients diagnosed with white fungus are being treated with antifungal medications, However ,since there is a shortage of medications, early detection of cases is required. (THE TIMES OF INDIA) *
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Q 1) a ) On the basis of your reading of the passage, Answer the following questions that follow. a) _________________can be more fatal than ____________.
2 points
a) White fungus ,black fungus
b) Black fungus , white fungus
c) One, other.
d) One fungus , other fungus .
b) If one side of your face is swollen , you may have *
2 points
a) Black fungus infection
b) White fungus infection.
c) Some K/H infection
d) no infection.

C) White fungal infection can attack you if you *
2 points
1) have compromised immunity
2) are fit and fine
3) are taking anti-rejection drugs
4) have diabetes , Cancer.
5) take medication needing constant use of steroids
a) 1 and 2
b) 3, and 4
c) 5
d) 1,3,4,5
d) Tick the INCORRECT Statement. *
2 points
1) Unhygienic surrounding lead to white fungus and black fungus
2) Dirty water leads to white fungus
3) COVID patients may suffer from white fungus.
4) White fungus has nothing to do with respiratory system
e) I want to know how severe my disease is . Why should I do? *
1 point
1) You should opt for X-ray
2) You should opt for chest scan
3) (1) and (2)
4) (1) or (2)

f) When the black fungus is more severe , the infection affects *
1 point
1) Kindeys
2) Lungs
3) Stomach
d) Pancreas

g) The passage describes- *
2 points
1) some similarities between white fungus and COVID-19
2) Some similarities between white fungus and black fungus.
3) No similarities between white fungus and COVID-19 or black fungus
4) (1) and (2)

h) Comorbidity is _ *
2 points
1) when a person has more than one underiying health -related condition at the same time.
2) medication
3) disease
4) illness and medication
i) " ______________________" DOES NOT correspond to `lethal` *
2 points
1) "fatal"
2) " Deadly"
3) "dangerous"
4) " life-giving"
j) The author attempts to __________________the readers through this write-up. *
1 point
1) warn
2) update
3) help
k) Select the option that makes the CORRECT use of "traced " as used in the passage , to fill in the blank space *
1 point
1) we finally___________________him to an address in London
2) The leak was eventually ______________to a broken seal.
3) He __________________the route on the map.
4) she _____________________ a line in the sand.
l)" Susceptible " is a/ an *
2 points
1) noun
2) adjective
3) adverb
4) conjuction

Tell me the appropriate solution

Dear Student,

1. Here is answer accordingly:
a. -  a) White fungus ,black fungus  
b - b) White fungus infection
c - d)- 1,3,4,5, 
d-  4. White fungus has nothing to do with respiratory system 
e-  3) (1) and (2)  
f- 2) Lungs
g- 1) some similarities between white fungus and COVID-19 
h) 1-  when a person has more than one underiying health -related condition at the same time.
i - 4) " life-giving"
j-  2) update
k -  2) The leak was eventually sealed to a broken seal. 
l - 2) adjective 


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