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Two plane mirrors, M1 and M2 are placed at a right angle. A ray of light is incident on M1 at P1and gets reflected from M1. It then gets reflected from M2 at P2.

If OP1 = OP2, then the angle of reflection of the ray at P2 will be

kindly explain this question to me in simple and easy language

The angle of reflection is always equal to the angle of incidence. Letibe the angle of incidence at P1on mirror M1. The following figure shows the various angles the light ray makes with the mirrors, M1and M2.

Since M1OM2is 90, the normal XP1on M1is parallel to M2.

Therefore, XP1P2= P1P2O =i

Since P1O = OP2, OP1P2= OP2P1=i

∴90 i=i

2i= 90

i= 45

Since 90 i= 90 45 = 45, all the angles will be 45. Hence, all the reflected and the incident angles will be 45

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