Q1. What were the important concerns in the minds of the people according to Sitaram and Vishnubhatt?

Q2. What role did they think the rulers were playing? What role did the sepoys seem to play?

  • Sitaram Pande believed that the seizure of Oudh had deep impact on the minds of indian soldiers. Their going distrust was further utilised by the agents of the ruler of Oudh and the ruler of delhi to use them in the revolt
  • vishnubhatt believed that the revolt of 1857 also had a religious aspect to it. The revolt was not only a political one but also a religious one
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According to them the people were very inflamed. They began making plans and the date was fixed for the war. All the people want to rebel against British
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According to Sitaram pande the seizure of oudh and the new cartilages suspected of being made of fats of cows and pigs and the ten thousand lies made to the sepoys. Filled the minds of sepoys with distrust and plot against the government.And according to Visnubatt the people were inflamed because the british wanted to wipe out out the hindu and muslim religion so they made 84 rules and annonced in gathering of big rulers who were dissatisfied by these rules and declared a war against the british
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What role did the sepoys seems to play
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