Q1. Why was Franz confused ? What added to his conclusion ?
Q2. What shows M.Hamel's love for the French language.
Q3. What changes did the order from Berlin cause in school that day ?

Ans.1 Franz noticed that the school was unusually silent that day, upon his late arrival to the school, his teacher Mr.M Hamel did not scold him. Moreover, he was dressed in his special Sunday clothes. The villagers were also attending the class, sitting at the backbenches that were usually empty which added to his confusion. 

Ans.2 M.Hamel told them that French is the most beautiful, clear and logical language in the world, he guided his students to guard it and never forget it. He also reasoned this by stating that, when people are enslaved, as long as they held to their language, they had the key to the prison.

Ans 3. The order from Berlin was to ban French from being taught in the schools of Alsace and Lorraine. This came as a shock to Franz, who till now had never paid attention to what was being taught in class and realised the importance of the language and his teacher. The villagers also paid tribute to M.Hamel by attending his last lesson to the class. Everyone was sad and disheartened by this change.
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