Q4. Give 2 uses of each
a) Polythene
b) bakelite
c) Melamine
d) PVC
e) acrylic fibres
f) Nylon

a) ​Polythene is used in packaging, making plastic bag, plastic films containers, bottles etc.

Bakelite is a synthetic plastic. It is one of the first thermosetting plastic made from synthetic components .
Uses of bakelite:-
1) Because of its excellent insulating properties it is used in radio, telephone casings etc.
2) It is also used in other products like toys, jewellery, kitchen ware etc.
3) It is a kind of plastic which once moulded cannot be moulded again.  

c) Three uses of Melamine are:

1) To make thermosetting plastic.

d) PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is a type of plastic widely used in constructions as pipes, electric cables and in many other applications. By transforming into softer forms it can be used to make clothing and furniture covers. It exhibits very good thermal insulation. It is highly flexible and cannot be altered by environmental factors. 

e) Acrylic is a synthetic material made from the polymer acrylonitrile. It has similar properties as that of wool i.e. lightweight and warm.
Advantages of acrylic are :-
1) It holds colour fast, is resistant to damage by sunlight and does not get affected by moths. It can also be washed very easily.
2) Acrylic cloth is used to make socks, sweaters, awnings, boat covers, hats, gloves and a range of other materials.
3) Acrylic paint is a fast drying pigment suspension in a acrylic polymer emulsion. Once mixed with water and dried, it becomes resistant to water. It's main advantage lies in the fact that it serves the purpose well for an artist who want to finish their painting quickly. Once painted on a surface like a wall, it does not get removed very easily.  

f) Uses of Nylon:
1. Woman's stockings and hosiery
​2. Used as dress material in synthesis of shocks, swimsuits, shorts, windbreakers etc.
3. It is also used in making umbrella, luggage etc.
4. The most important it is used for making ropes.

2) Used as a soundproofing or insulating material

3) An additive for cement to make high resistance concrete

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