Q44)Ramesh divides a negative integer by 0.the result will be a) a positive rational number
b) a positive rational number
c) either a positive or a negative rational number
d) not a rational number

Q45)Aamir buys a rectangular piece of land whose length and breadth are in the ratio 5:3.The fencing of the land cost him Rs. 960 at Rs.5/m.Find the area of the land
a)2144 b)2160 c)2666 d)2888

Q46)Which is the natural number whose square is equal to its cube?
a) 0 b) 1 c) 2 d) -1
Q47)The sum of ages of Anu’s father and Jerry’s father is 100 years. Anu’s father is four years older to Jerry’s father. Two years later Jerry’s father will be_______ years old.
a)48 b)50 c)52 d)54

Q48)The smallest number that must be subtracted from 125 to make it a perfect square will be
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4

Q49)A building has 144 cylindrical pillars, all of the same size.If the diameter of each pillar is 2m and each has a height of 2 cm, find the volume bound in each of the pillars?
a) 22 b)3168 c)152 d)154

Q50)If 8x +1 = 4x +1,then x is
a)0 b)1 c)2 d)3 Q51)Hari borrowed a sum of Rs 1000 at 105 p.a compounded semi- annually in April 2011. What was the full and final amount that he paid back in April 2012?
a) Rs 1102.50 b) Rs1125 c)Rs1120.50 d)Rs1175

Q52)Sahar, glass makers has cut a piece of glass. He wants to check if the glass is now exactly in the shape of a rectangle. Which one of the following will be th correct method
  1. Opposite sides equal and parallel
  2. Diagonals are equal in length
  3. Diagonals form four congruent triangles
  4. All angles are exactly 90 degree.

Q53)The quadrilateral formed by joining two congruent triangle along one of the equal sides will be
I. Square II. Rectangle III. Parallelogram IV. Rhombus
a)Only I b)Only I, II& III c)Only II and IV d)Any

Q54)The length of each side of a dice is 1.5cm. the volume of the dice will be
a) 3.375 cm3 b) 3.575 cm3 c) 3.775 cm3 d) 3.875 cm3
Q55)A piece of cloth, square in shape has an area of 676 . Find the length of each of its diagonals?
a) 26 cm b) 26 c) 28 cm d) 30 cm

Q56) If 52 * is a multiple of 9, then what is the value of *?
a) 3 b) 4 c) 5 d) 6

Q57)Raghav wants to find the square of 103 using identities. Please help him out finding the same
a)10609 b) 10909 c) 10999 d) 10103
Q58)An office requires 15 printers to print 23130 pages in 1 day. Due to major problem,it could not arrange for 10 printers. So they had to manage with 5 printers. How many days will the company now require to print the given number of pages.
  1. 2 days b) 3 days c) 4 days d) 5 days

Q59)A mess has enough food to feed 10 people for 6 days. How long will the food last it there were 5 more people?
  1. days b) 5 days c) 3 days d)
Q60)The following pictogram shows the number of Engineers,Chartered Accountants,Lawyers and MBAs working for ABC Pvt Ltd.
Number Of Employees
Chartered Accountants
= 8 employees
  1. What is the total number of employees working for ABC pvtltd.
a)192 b)200 c)208 d)216
2) What % of employees working for ABC pvt ltd are chartered accountants?
a)12.5% b)14% c)14.4% d)15.5%

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