Q6. Who am I?a) Versatility is my name. There are more than 5 million compounds of me.b ) Your teacher uses me, I am a metallic element found in chalk, limestone,marbleetc.c) Shocking? In one form I am a conductor whereas in another an insulator.d) Bang. I am the element formed when H2 bomb explodes.

Yes you people are correct. Calcium is the correct answer. Yes there may be more than 5 million compounds of calcium. Calcium is present in chalk, limestone, marble (CaCO3). Calcium is good conductor (due to the presence of free electrons) while its compound Calcium silicate used as insulator. Hence calcium is a conductor as well as insulator. Calcium carbonate formation is the impacts of the H2 bomb explosion which we call artificial shocked wave of huge explosions in air.

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Calcium....i think so

Hope I am correct

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yes calcium

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Calcium , very easy cleared by second point only.

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