Ql.Find the area and perimeter Of a rectangle which is 2 m long and I m 70 cm Wide. 
Q2.A cloth is 7 m long and 5 m wide five squares of side 2 m are printed on the cloth.Find the area of the cloth that is not printed. 
Q3. If the width of the rectangle is 4 m and the area is 64 sq m. Find the length Of the rectangular field.
Q4. The perimeter of a square is 60 cm.Find its area. 
Q5.Mohit has a piece of wire of 84cm.What will be the length of each side if he wishes to form a hexagon? 
Q6.Find the area of a square sheet of side 31 cm. Find the cost of painting the sheet at the cost of Rs 5 per sq cm. 
Q7.The perimeter of a triangle is 36 cm.lts measure of 2 sides is l4 cm and 16 cm.Find the third side. 

Q1. The present age of Chandan is x years.
a)What will be his age after 15 years? 
b)Chanders mother's age is 2 years more than 6 times Chander's age. What is Chander's age? 
c)What was his age 6 years ago? 

Q2.Which of the following satisfies the equation x-4 = 8 

Q3.Form the equation of the following 

a)Four less than a number is 56 
(b)A number divided by 9 is 3 
c)Twice of a number added to 1 gives 25 
(d)Eight more than the product of b and 5 

Q4.Mahima saves Rs. x per day .Find her savings in the month of July. 
Q5.Complete the table :
x 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
3x-1 -1 2 5        

Q6.An ant covers x meters in 30 min.ln 1 hour it covers how much? 

Kindly, refer to the below link for similar query,
Q.5 https://www.meritnation.com/ask-answer/question/a-piece-ofstring-is-30-cm-long-what-will-be-the-length-o/mensuration/11787143 

Q.7 https://www.meritnation.com/ask-answer/question/the-perimeter-of-triangle-is-is-75-cm-2-of-it-s-sides-a/mensuration/9871445 

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