Question 40. For stretched rubber, Entropy
(1) Increases
(2) First increases then decreases
(3) Decreases
(4) First decreases then increases

Dear Student,

As when we stretch the rubber, we apply certain force to stretch the molecule of rubber to align the molecules and hence less randomly arranged so the entropy or the disorderness or randomness of the molecule decreases. 
This can be verified as when the rubber is stretched, there is the evolution of heat, hence according to Gibbs energy relation of enthalpy : As enthalpy will become negative the process is an example of exothermic process. And in the exothermic process entropy of the system decreases. 

So, the correct option is (3).


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the entropy first increases then it will decrease.
Because,when you stretch the rubber band you will find that the enthalphy decreases as experimentally the heat is given out so by the the formula of Gibbs Free energy we would find 'H; negetive hence the 'T*S' increases and become more negetive.
  and in the other form when it would shrunk the opposite of it would happen
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