Question 8 .
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Question 8 . Thank you . GASECOS STATE Q.8 Under 3 atm, 12.5 litre ofa certain gas weigh 15 g, calculate the average speed of gaseous molecules. Q.9 Calculate the pressure exerted by 1 023 gas molecules, each ofmass 10-22 g ifia container of volume one litre. The rms speed is 105 cm sec-I. Q.IO Calculate the room mean square speed, total and average translational kinetic energy in joule ofthe molecules in 8 g methane at 27 oc. Q.II Two bulbs A and B equal capacity are filled with He and SO 2 respectively, at the same tenperature. (i) Ifthepressureintwo bulbs is same, calculateratio ofu for them. (ii) At what temperature, velocity ofS02 becomes halfofthe speed ofHe molecules at 27 oc. (iii) How will the speeds be effected if volume of B becomes four times. (iv) How will the speeds be effected ifhalfofthe molecules of SOI are removed from B. Q.12 Two flasks Aand B have equal volumes. FlaskAcontainsH2 at 270CwhileB contains equal mass ofC2H at 6270C. In which flask and by how many times are molecules moving faster ? Assume ideal gas nature for both.

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