Question-Describe how the quantity and quality of mulberry leaves fed to silkworms need to be customised during rearing of silkworms? Kindly Answer.

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Leaf quality plays an important role in the production of quality cocoons. The young age worms are fed with tender, succulent leaves which contain sugar, less amount of fibre, starch but, high moisture and protein that are suitable for chawki worms. Hence, the top tender leaves of mulberry plant are used to feed the young age worms. The late age worms are fed with matured leafs available at the bottom of the mulberry trees.
Silkworm Stage

Quantity of mulberry leaf
Required (approx.) (Kgs)
 1st Instar  2-4
 2nd Instar  4-8
 3rd Instar  30-40
 4th Instar  80-90
 5th Instar            600-650

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Quality of mulberry leaf in addition to proper maintenance of temperature/humidity plays significant role in the development of healthy silkworm. ... The leaf during its feeding time should not contain dust particles or water droplets on the surface of leaf.
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