Rahul tries to pull out a grass and a Rose plant from the soil .which none will be able to pull out.why?

Rose plant can't be pulled .
it is because , it has strong roots 
whereas , grass can be pulled out as it has tender roots.
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Rose plant cannot be pull out by rahul because it has strong stem called shrub but grass is pulled by rahul because it has tender stems called herbs
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rose plants cant be pulled because it has thorns
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and grass can be pulled because it is soft and tender
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the answers above both are correct
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both will be pull
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rose plant cannot be removed because it has thorns
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Dear friend,
           The same question came for my summative assessment 1. I do not know how even you got the same question. The answer is grass because it has fibrous roots which is soft and tender than rose plant with tap roots.
Hope this helps you!!!
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grass can be removed easily because it don't has thorns and is smooth
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