Read the following and join them with conjuctions.1.The weather was fine.The sea was calm.2.He rang the bell.No one came to the  door.3.Shut the door.The cat will go out.4.He worked hard.He did not succeed.5.He is poor.He is happy.6.We were tired.We continued the work.7.I was going to write.I lost your address.8.I tried my best.I couldn't win the race.9.I went to the book shop.I bought this book.10.You should start early.You are likely to miss the train.

Dear Student,
Given below are the answers to your questions.
  1. The weather was fine just as the sea was calm.
  2. He rang the bell but no one came to the door.
  3. Shut the door or the cat will go out.
  4. He worked hard yet he did not succeed.
  5. He is poor but he is happy.
  6. We were tired yet we continued the work.
  7. I was going to write but I lost your address.
  8. I tried my best but I couldn't win the race.
  9. I went to the book shop and I bought this book.
  10. You should start early or you are likely to miss the train.
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Thank you.

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