Read the following passage and make notes.  Also write a short summary of the passage.

It is not from one or just two that we hear that women drive much worse than men, but from a large number of people. Statistics confirm that women drivers have crashed less number of times than men drivers have; but it is another fact that more than 95% of drivers are men!
Everywhere, women, have been under a strict patriarchal order for generations. It was a decade ago that half of the women worldwide came out of their veils of subjection. Because she had been a victim of a male chauvinist world, she is, much the same everywhere, a little over enthusiast on roads, a little over protected and overlooked and taken for granted in the modern society, especially when she is behind the wheels.
There is no arguing that a section of the brain that remained inactive for long could go dead in a long run. What experts feel is that in most of the countries, women had seldom used that section of their brain that controls precaution and extreme care other than care for their babies and making sure that her husband's bathing water was properly heated. Women are not careless by nature but they are stereotyped as the weaker, careless sex.
What most thinkers believe is that in the long run, women will overcome this stereotype. After initial damages and clashes on roads, women will learn the wisdom that they too should be careful and that they have no excuses because they are


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Note making involves technical writing and summarising of any subject. Here are the topics that one needs to keep in mind while note making.


1. Thoroughly read the subject or chapter in question.

2. Draw a heading that defines the idea of the topic clearly.

3. Next, one must segregate various sub-topics in the subject and fit them under their respective sub-headings or sub-titles.

4. One must decide the main points in the sub-topics and jot them down. The format can be maintained in two styles; either paragraph style or point wise.

5. One must take care that there should not be detailed explanations. The points must be to the point. Use of abbreviations is suggested.

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