Reproduce the story related to the man from Udipi.

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The story of the man from the Udipi provides an insight into poverty against the changing times of India. The man from Udipi was a priest's son. As a child he always used to pray for a pair of shoes. Much later, when the narrator visited the same temple, he came across the son of the new priest who was wearing grey socks and shoes. This shoes how people's priorities change along with time. Shoes are now easily available for priest's son. He does not have to pray for it. However, there is still a section of the Indian society who are struggling with poverty on a daily basis. Their condition has not improved. They are the ragpickers. They still walk barefoot.


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The author was looking at the conditions of the bare foot ragpicker boys when she realises a story of a man from Udipi. When he was young he use to go to the temple where his father was priest and prayed to talked that he needed a shoe. Later after few years when she visited the village she found that the prayer of the priest's son has been granted from where she remembered the prayer of another who wished not to his pair to shoes veer, Thinking this the author realised that the son of priest wore shoes but the ragpickers still remain shoeless.
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