Respiration is a catabolic process.justify this statement

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 Catabolism involves all of the metabolic processes that tear down biomolecules, while anabolism is all of the metabolic processes that build biomolecules.

Cellular respiration is also a catabolic process because it breaks the small molecules from digestion into even smaller ones as ATP is created. These are both very important processes, because ATP is what your cells use to produce body heat, move your muscles, and other essential bodily functions.


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Catabolism is the degradative processes of metabolism. It concerned with the breakdown of complex food molecules to simple ones, with a concomitant release of free energy. For example, carbohydrates are complex molecules, breakdown into simple molecules of carbon dioxide and water with concomitant release free energy as a form of ATP through a series of catabolic reactions. Respiration involves the oxidation carbohydrates, proteins and fats etc to release energy. Since bonds in these substances are broken down to release energy, respiration is considered as a catabolic process.?
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Respiration is a catabolic process because as we know that through respiration we take oxygen in and oxygen help to breakdown of complex molecules in simple particles which can be easily digested.
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