Rewrite the sentences in indirect speech.Use linking words where necessary

1, is already done
2. He told his father that he couldn't find his way, so he had broken the window pane.
3. Rati said as she was going away only for a few days, she needn't pack too many sets of clothes.
4. Mother said that I must be tired as I had been playing cricket for four hours.
5. I told my friend that mother would be delighted on hearing the news that I had won the spelling contest.
6. The anxious mother said that the child had left home at 7 30 the previous morning and nobody had seen him since.
7. The travel agent requested me to contact him next Saturday as he would have more information by then.
8. My neighbour told me that I might catch the 10 o'clock train if I left immediately.
9. The tourist exclaimed that that was a beautiful sight and he was glad he had gone there.
10. The film star told that he may come to meet her between 2 and 3 p.m.

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