Rewrite the sentences into direct speech
2. Bowmik asked Ali to show him the photograph
3. Roshan’s mother wished Roshan good Iuck
4. He enquired how his friend was. 
5. The teacher told the students to sit down.
6. He said he was going to start in a few minutes.
7. They said they were police officers.
8. She said that she would meet me at the airport.
9. The minister told the reporters that he  was not going to regret
10. He told the members of his audience that he could not be their meeting on the following day.​

Dear student,

The answers are as follows:
  • Bowmilk said,"Ali show me the picture."
  • Roshan's mother said,"Good luck Roshan!"
  • ​He said,"How is your friend?"
  • The teacher said,"Sit down students."
  • He said,"I am going to start in a few minutes."
  • They said,"We are police officers."
  • She said,"I will meet you at the airport."
The last two sentence are incomplete. Kindly post them again in a separate thread.


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