Ridhan is preparing a Digital Presentation. Help him with the solutions for the following tasks :  (i) Which option he shall use to make the presentation dynamic and add graphics and text to it ?  (ii) He wants to move all the images/objects together on the same slide.  (iii) Which option he shall use to keep guided text used by presenter ? These notes should not appear to the audience during presentation. 

Dear Student, 

i) Images and Graphics can be inserted from the insert tab.
For making it dynamic, animations should be added by clicking animations tab.

​​​​​ii) It can be done by selecting one of the image and then other after pressing shift key.
Then drag these to the destination slide

iii) It is very simple to hide these Notes.

Just press the "Slide Show" tab in the options present in the TOP menu.
After pressing it, you will see an option "Use Presenter View" on the extreme right sides of the options.
It is a Checkbox. You have to Click it.
Now Start the Slide-Show.
At the left bottom, you will see different icons.
Left-click the "  ...   " icon. A pane will open.
Click the option " Show Presenter View "
Another window will open only on your Screen with slides showing the Notes.


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