Rishabh Mittal sir(Meritnation Expert), You provided the answer to the below question with a link. But, the answer was not properly understandable and accurate as per my question.
In simple wordings , Explain what do you mean by "Acceleration due to Gravity". Also, mention how are "velocity" and "speed" necessary in knowing (Acceleration {due to gravity}) along with the proper and easily understandable characteristics of "VELOCITY" and its necessity .   {5 marks} 

{Please answer the entire question in a single thread.  "Also this Please don't provide any web links or certified answer ... I just want the direct and easily understandable answer to the question from the experts only}

Dear Student ,
The acceleration gained by an object falling freely towards the surface of the earth or any other planet is known as the acceleration due to gravity which occurs due to the force of gravitation .
Velocity and speed are same physical quantity as the previous have both magnitude and direction but the later has magnitude only .
Hence we need don't need to know about the velocity or speed of the object as the object will simply move with acceleration due to gravity when it is falling which has a constant value .
So there is no necessity of knowing the velocity of the object when trying to calculate or understand the acceleration due to gravity .
Hope this explanation helps you .

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