List at least three ways to protect the environment?

Dear Student, there are many ways to protect environment like planting more trees, using biodegradable substances, decreasing the use of fossil fuels etc. Your all friends have answered well. You can refer to answers given by them.

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  • Increase usage of biodegradable materials...
  • promote afforestration...
  • decrease the usage of fossil fuels...
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reduce to use more vehicals...............

plz stop cutting down the tress...............

do not use plastic bags.......

avoid throughing waste matireals into the rivers.............

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1. by banning the cutting of trees.

2. by banning the killing of animals for human use.

3. by banning the use of plastic bags. 

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We should plant more and more trees.

By avoiding smoking.

We should stop the people who cut the trees.

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Simple Ways To Save Environment

  I'llgive u more than 3 ways.

Although the term “Environment” is vast and varied, the basic modeling is combined by the physical environment and the biological life forms. Thanks to us humans and our never ending demands, the environment is now facing a number of problems that include Global warming, Ozone Depletion, Pollution in every form possible and population. The Earth’s biosphere can’t take no more and it’s high time we did our bit to save the environment.


A few ways you could contribute to save Environment



Quit smoking:


Smoking is one of the major indoor air pollutant and many people still have this life threatening habit. Although you want to continue with this habit and harm your health, it is definitely unfair to put the health of people around at stake. Prevent passive smoking by not smoking in indoors and while travelling in public transports etc.


Say no-no to plastic:


Despite of every one quite aware about Plastic bags being one of the biggest contributors to global warming, we still use them quiet carelessly and throw them away with organic waste or dump them in the land fill sites. It takes almost 500 years for a plastic bag to decompose and in the process it creates many harmful gasses; so reducing the use, recycling and reusing the plastic is very important to combat global warming.


Add house plants to your home:


A House plant not only adds to the esthetics of a room but also helps in maintaining temperature by adding moisture to the air and reduces airborne bacteria, fungi and
other unhealthy pollutants. Plants renew the stale indoor air by replacing carbon dioxide we exhale with life sustaining oxygen. Two house plants per 100 sq feet will detoxify the air better than any disinfectant spray or air freshener. The pollutants are absorbed through the leaves of the plants, so it is advised to keep the leaves clean and have good air circulation around them. Since the filtration of the air is done by leaves, the fast growing plants are seen to give better results.

Bugs’ coming to the plants is a real time problem and can be solved very effectively by using a green spray which is prepared by soaking citrus rind (lemon, orange) in water for 3-4days. Remove citrus rind and pore the water into a spray pump to spray on plants. Rose leaves can also be added to the solution to add fragrance.


Start your day early:


In ester times people used to wake up early so that they can finish all the work to be done before sunset. But now with the presence of electricity and artificial lighting one does not see any need in waking up early. From the reports 35% of the energy consumed in a house in India is consumed in lighting a house after sun set. So, waking up early is not only going to keep you healthy but also will make you save energy and cut down your electricity bills.


Conserve water:


Water is one basic need to live life and it is becoming an ever scarcer resource. One should opt for an apartment which has water harvesting or if you have your own personal house then, get the water harvesting system installed. Switch to the latest low flush toilets, use shower wisely and run your washing machine and dish washer to the full load only, to decrease wastage of water.


Conserve electricity:


It is better to switch to Fluorescent light bulbs as they consumes 75% less energy and have more life time in comparison to incandescent light bulbs. Make it a point to defrost your food before you microwave it and let the food cool down to room temperature before putting it into the refrigerator. Be sure to unplug your machines like TV , computer etc before leaving for a trip because stand-by functions in them consumes electricity even if they are turned off. Switch your garden light to solar lights when possible for you. If you are buying a new refrigerator, air –conditioner or any other electrical appliances you should check the star rating as energy efficient systems with higher star rating consume 10-50% less water and electricity.

Kitchen waste management:


It seems little disgusting to do the kitchen waste management but the advanced products in the market have made it quite easy. A stainless steel kitchen composter with carbon filters is readily available in the market which makes the whole process odor less. The compost generated acts as fertilizer so can be used in house plants.


Use Public transportation:


According to studies 30% of carbon-dioxide is added to the environment by private transportation. We understand that using public transportation is not convenient all times but, one can always car pool. Try the option of taking a walk if you have to pick bread from the grocery store or travel a small distance. Your little effort will help in reducing the demand of petrol and traffic on roads and will also better your physical health.


Save trees by reducing the use of paper:


If you are still used to buying the old fashioned newspaper, it’s high time you switch to the internet for news. Try to reuse one side printed paper by cutting into two halves, to use them for writing your grocery list or making other notes. Replace the use of paper tissues by using hand towels.

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