Secondary oocyte retains bulk of the nutrient rich cytoplasm of the primary oocyte. Can you think of any advantage for this? rn


Does the first polar body born out of first meiotic division divide further or degenerate? rn

Secondary oocyte develops further into ovum which forms the zygote on fertilization with the sperm. The sperm only provides genetic material to the embryo whereas all of the nutrients, cytoplasm and energy are provided by the egg or ovum to the embryo which further helps in it growth and development. The polar body is regarded as waste product of the division which degenerates later on and is only produced to maintain the ploidy of the organism. So, the cytoplasm division is unequal in second meiotic division of oogenesis.  Though we are not very clear about it but it is believed that first polar body born out of first meiotic division may divide further into two sometimes but whether it is divided or not, it degenerates later on.

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bulk nutrient is retained in d cytoplasm of primar oocyte so dat aftr d formation of zygote, it cn b usd for cell division to form embryo

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