Roads filled with snow are cleared using either common salt or magnesium chloride or calcium chloride or a mixture of these.These chemicals have damaging effects thus, potassium acetate is preferred.

1.How does common salt(sodium chloride) or other damaging chemicals help in clearing snow from roads?

2.At what temp. common salt and at what temp.magnesium chloride or sodium chloride is effective?

3.Discuss the damaging effects of these chemicals on the environment and how does the use of potassiumacetate remove these damaging effects?

1. Common salt and other given compounds lower the freezing point of water.Thus, ice on roads melt and can be cleared easily.


2. Sodium chloride can melt ice only down to about -9°C and magnesium chloride to about -15°C


3.The chloride ions in common salt, magnesium chloride and calcium chloride dehydrate plants, can kill small aquatic organisms and reduce water circulation in lakes that helps to aerate the water whereas potassium acetate is non-persistent, biodegradable and has low BOD.

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