Samar weighing 60 kgf is wearing shoes with a heel of are of cross section 10 cm2, while Muskan weighing 36 kgf is wearing sandals with heel of area of cross section 1.2 cm2.(Take g = 10 m/s2) Calculate: (a) The pressure exerted on ground by their heels and (b) Compare the pressure when they stand on the heel of one foot.

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Pressure exerted by the heel of the boy's heels,P1=F1A1=60×10N2×10×10-4m2=3×105P Pressure exerted by the heels of the girl's heels,P2=F2A2=36×10N2×1.2×10-4m2=15×105 PP1P2(For one feet) =6×10530×105=15


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