say no to plastic write 10 lines on the above topic

though plastic is non-reactive, light , strong, durable but it is a major cause of pollution because disposal of plastic is a big problem. they are non-biodegradable. people are still using plastics bags after plastics carry bags are banned. they cause wastage. peeps throw plastics in rivers and make it polluted. then this water goes to sea and make it polluted too. plastics causes harm to marine animals; basically to whole environment. some animals eat this plastic and they dies. this all is because of selfish peoples who care only about themselves. plastics are once used then peeps throw them and it causes waste. plastics take more than thousand years to decompose and during this time people causes more wastage.
we should use paper carry bags and also use the 4R principle - reduce, reuse, recycle, recover.

written by my own. hope it helps.
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They are harmful to the environment.
• Takes 1000 years to decompose into smaller pieces, which seep down into the soil and release chemicals, which eventually reach the water supply.
• Kills animals in the water when they eat plastic bags thinking they are jellyfish
• Builds up in landfills
• Manufacturing of plastic bags is harmful to the environment because nonrenewable resources are used (petroleum and natural gas). The manufacturing process itself uses toxic chemicals, pollutes the atmosphere and consumes energy.
• The transportation of the billions of plastic bags produced annually means further energy consumption, largely in the form of more petroleum.
• Stores give out unlimited amounts of plastic bags for FREE even when the costumer doesn’t really need one
• Cost in terms of energy and manpower is greater than the value of the material produced  
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