Select the incorrect statement w.r.t aerobic respiration
(a) In the complete oxidation of a molecule of pyruvate by the stepwise removal of all the hydrogen atoms, six CO2 molecules are released
(b) Glycolytic catabolism of carbohydrate takes place in the mitochondrial matrix
(c) The reaction catalysed by pyruvic dehydrogenase requires the participation of several coenzymes, including NAD+ and coenzyme A
(d) In the process catalysed by pyruvate dehydrogenase, two molecules of NADH are produced from two molecules of pyruvic acid
(1) (b) & (c) are incorrect
(2) (a) & (b) are incorrect
(3) (c) & (d) are incorrect
(4) (b) & (d) are incorrect

From the given statement w.r.t. aerobic respiration, (a) and (b) are incorrect. Hence, the correct option is (2).

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