Separate the subject and the predicate

Dear Student,

1)Subject-The early bird, Predicate-catches the worm
2)Subject-All matter,. Predicate-is indestructible
3)Subject-Islamabad,. Predicate-is the capital of Pakistan.
4)Subject- We,. Predicate-Should profit by experience.
5) Subject-All Roads, predicate-lead to Rome.
6)Subject- A guilty conscience,. Predicate-needs no excuse.
7)subject is: The beautiful rainbow. predicate is: soon faded away.
8)Subject- no man,. Predicate- can serve two masters
9) subject- a sick room, Predicate-Should be well aired
10)Subject- the dewdrops,. Predicate-glitter in the sunshine
11)subject- I , predicate- shot an arrow into the air.
12)Subject- the shepherd , predicate- hears a barking sound
13)Subject- a hermit , predicate- lives on the top of the hill.


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