shibu's father is a wrestler and has a robust body. his son was thin
a)is it true that a wrestles son should also have heavy muscles
b)what type of character is it - acquired or inherited
c)if you are shibu's friend how will you convinced him that he is normal

a) It is not true that wrestlers son also have heavy muscles.
b) Having heavy muscles is an acquired trait. Heavy muscles can be made by regular exercising.
c) As Shibu's friend I can convince him by telling him that traits like heavy muscles are not inherited but are acquired in the lifetime. So he can start exercising on a regular basis to be like his father. If he is not as strong as his father, there is also a possibility that he may have more traits from her mother as traits are transferred in opposite sexes.

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a) no
c)by telling him that it is dur to error in DNA copying
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no its not necessary. a wrestler acquires his wrestling abilities and the body structure on his own. it is not in the genes. therefore, his son will not have the same body structure as it is an acquired trait. only inherited traits(eg :hair color) can be passed on to the next generation.
we can explain shibu the concept of acquired traits n inherited traits.
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concept of acquired trait and inherited trait
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