show that tan 48 tan 23 tan 67=1

Dear Student,
Your query seems to be incomplete.However I am providing you the link of the similar question 


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Dear Siddharth,
The question you're asking leaves tan48 as the remaining value upon simplification, which is not solvable using formulas and half-angle theorems and leaves an approximate decimal value of 1.104
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The actual question that you were probably trying to ask was tan 48 x tan 42 x tan 23 x tan 67= 1.
In this case, tan 42 can be written as tan(90-48) = cot 48 = 1/tan48
​Similarly, tan67 can be written as tan(90-67) = cot23 = 1/tan23
Putting all these terms together,
tan48 x 1/tan48 x tan23 x 1/tan23 cancels out totally leaving you with 1x1x1x1 = 1.

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