Sides of a triangle is made 4 times the orignal size. Find the percentage increase in its area. And please avoid putting links, and try to tell the answer.

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Let the sides of original triangle be a, b and c.s=a+b+c2Area of original triangle, A=ss-as-bs-cSide of new triangles 4a, 4b and 4c.s'=4a+4b+4c2=4 a+b+c2=4sArea of new triangle, A'=s's'-4a s'-4b s'-4c=4s 4s-4a 4s-4b 4s-4c=16s s-a s-b s-c=16 AIncrease in area=16A-A=15APercentage increase in area=15AA×100=1500%    ANS...
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