simple,compound,participle PREPOSITIONS?

The following are the types of Prepositions:

Simple Prepositions-  These include the following:

 at, by, for, from, in, of, off, on, out, through, till, to, up, with

Compound Prepositions- These are formed by prefixing a Preposition to a Noun, an Adjective or an Adverb. Compound Prepositions include the following:

 about, above, across, along, amidst, among, amongst, around, before, behind, below, beneath, beside, between, beyond, inside, outside, underneath, within, without

Phrase Prepositions- These are groups of words that are used with the force of a single Preposition. For example,

 according to, along with, away from, because of, by means of, by virtue of, by way of, for the sake of, in order to, in lieu of, in favour of, in place of, in spit of, instead of, owing to, with regard to, etc. 


Participial Prepositions are those Participles that are used as Prepositions. These words are present participles of Verbs but do not have any Noun or Pronoun attached to them. For example, barring, touching, concerning, pending, respecting, regarding, considering, during, etc.

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