Sir is all right ???????

Sir is all right ??????? are hear his another language Exercise in the blanks will you Please put this picture , Sunday morniny y Mr Sharma lives —zu— 142 Netaji Street. Patna my uncle's house Christmasv New Year's Day. had lunch Anand Cafe Museum Road. She is very punctual. She always arrives time, She didn't arnvc time to say goodbye. Are you angry Miss Sen is very popular I have known him the students 2004. 12, 13, 15 16. 17 18 19 20 II has been raining heavily two hours. They Invited us the wedding. Are you pleased the new watch ? When he is angry he also starts shouting _ everybody. Gn you translate this passage _ Hindi? We were all home The large house _ the corner _ Sunday. the street is my uncle's. I congratulated him —e—c_ _ getting the job. Learners' English Grammar and Comrmxsition -

Dear Student,
Here's your answer - 

2. on
4. in, for
5. at, on
9. with, for 
11. among
14. to
15. with
19. on, of
20. on

Rest of the answers are correct.


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Yes it is correct
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