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Weekly outline
  • Second Term

    Dear Students,

    Science refers to a system of acquiring knowledge. It augments the spirit of enquiry, creativity, objectivity and aesthetic sensibility in children. Biology is the branch of science dealing with the study of life. Biology as a discipline imply a significant responsibility for the protection and welfare of all living species.

    In this term we will be covering four chapters that are part of SA 2.





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  • 1 January - 10 January


  • 12 January - 17 January

    Monday : 12 January

    Today we will start with the chapterOUR ENVIRONMENT.

    We will be able to

    • discuss what happens when humans add waste to environment.

    Tuesday : 13 January

    We will be able to

    • distinguish between biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes.
    • list the affects of biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes on the environment.

    Wednesday : 14 January

    We will have a double period, so we will be able to

    • describe the concept of ecosystem.
    • outline the various components of an ecosystem.
    • identify the producers and consumers of an ecosystem.
    • compare natural and artificial ecosystem and the factors that affect them.

    As an assignment do intext questions on page no. 257 of NCERT book and extra questions given in the class.

  • 19 January - 24 January

    Monday : 19 January

    We will have a double period, so we will be able to

    • explain the concept of food chain.
    • appraise the role of each organism in a food chain for sustaining the ecosystem.
    • compare the food chain prevalent inforest, in grassland and in a pond.
    • outline the flow of energy between various components of ecosystem.
    • establish relationship betweenvarious food chains prevalent infood web.
    • discuss the phenomenon of biological magnification.
    • explain human activities that affect the environment.

    As an assignment do intext questions on page no. 261 of NCERT book and extra questions given in the class.

    Wednesday : 21 January

    Since we have a practical class,we will observe analogous and homologous organs by using available specimens. We will be able to draw the diagram of specimens. Students from 1- 15, will be coming to bio lab for the practical.

    Friday : 23 January

    We will be able to

    • define ozone layer.
    • explain the reason for the depletion of ozone layer.
    • suggest ways to reduce the problem ofwaste disposal and hence become better, more responsible, global citizens.

    Do questions at the end of the chapter.

  • 26 January - 31 January

    Tuesday : 27 January ; Wednesday : 28 January

    There will be no class as I am going for cbse science exhibition.

  • This week 2 February - 7 February

    Tuesday : 3 February

    Today we will start with the chapterMANAGEMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES.

    We will be able to

    • reason out the need to manage our resources.
    • analyze the factors responsible for Ganga pollution.
    • discuss Ganga action plan.

    Wednesday : 4 February

    We will have a double period, so we will be able to

    • enlist 3 R's that help in saving environment.
    • reason out the importance of sustainable development.
    • compare advantages oflong term perspective with short-term aims in managing natural resources.
    • reason out the need for equitable distribution of resources.
    • evaluate the role of four types of stakeholders that are dependent on forest resources.

    As an assignment do intext questions on page no. 269 of NCERT book and extra questions given in the class.

  • 5 February - 11 February
  • 12 February - 18 February
  • 19 February - 25 February
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