Soil is constantly formed by weathering of rocks.why then are we so concerned about soil erosion

Soil is constantly formed due to the weathering of rocks. But it is a very slow process. So, we are so concerned about soil erosion.
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Because weathering takes millions of years.
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Because weathering takes million of years
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Weathering is a very slow process and it will take hundreds of years to produce a few centimetres of soil
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Daffar answer mat pooch
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through soil erosion the top soil erodes which is the most fertile soil ..
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Soil erosion is the depletion of topsoil that happens due to our negligence. It happens within a few moments unlike the long process of soil formation that takes millions of years. So, if we don't prevent soil erosion, then after a few years the rate of soil erosion will be greater than the rate of soil formation. This is why soil erosion is a major concern.
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