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Solve & explain briefly If a cell A has DPD of 4 bars, it is connected to cell B, C, D whose OP and TP are 4 and 4, 10 and 5, 10 and 3 bars. The flow of water will be C toA, B, D (2) AtoD, B, c ( a ) Ato B, C, D

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Diffusion pressure deficit (DPD) is the suction pressure and determines the tendency of water to move into the cell from outside.

For Cell A DPD = 4 Bars
For Cell B DPD = 4-4 = 0 Bars
For Cell C DPD = 10-5 = 5 Bars
For Cell D DPD = 10-3 = 7 Bars

The cell with more water has lower DPD and the cell with less water has higher DPD.

The DPD of Cell B is less, hence it contains more water than A, C and D. Hence, water will move from B to A, C and D

​​​​​​​Hence, correct option is (1). 

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