Solve - sin(sec^-1 (17/15)) If I just provide the answer, i.e., 15/17 instead of showing the complete solution, in CBSE board exam? If yes, then there is no need to provide the solution, and if not, kindly do so.

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No, you have to provide complete solution otherwise you might get 0 marks.Also 1517 will not be the answer here.sinsec-11715Let sec-11715=AsecA=1715=hypotenusehbasebPependicular p is given by:h2=p2+b2172=p2+152289=p2+225p2=289-225p2=64p=8sinA=phsinA=817A=sin-1817=sec-11715sinsec-11715=sinsin-1817=817 Answer

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