Solve the match the following

Solve the match the following List down the names of the hormones produced by the Reproductive organs a: their functions. LEVTL 2 I. Match the Column to identify the stage of growth and their approxinnte age 1 3 6. Infanc Adolescence Pubettv in females Childhood Pubeltv in Inales Old age 11-12 ears 14-15 ears From bilth to 2 ears From 11-18 ears 60 vealß onwards 2-11 vears II. Pancteas IS a finger shaped stiltcture pesent the loop of the st0Jnacb liliesune that has a Inmor dual role to pertann for proper tunctiomnz ot- the Luraan bod's• Elab01ate Ill Fenlale• are tilllusrlv coudenmecl tor the billh of children Qt-a specific gender.

infancy - from birth to 2 years
adolescence - from 11-18 years
puberty in females - 11-12 years
childhood - 2-11 years
puberty in males - 14 to 15 years
old age - 60 years onwards

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