Solve the question number 7 ka ( c or d)

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The solution/s to your question 7.c and 7.d(i) and (ii) query have been provided below;
c. Impact of use of excess Fossil fuels 

1)They are non-renewable sources of energy and are no longer available if once used.
2) Excessive use of fossil fuel cause uncontrollable threat to environment. Like acid rain, global warming ,air pollution and Ozone layer depletion. As burning of fossil fuel release all the potential constituent which causes global warming, acid rain , air pollution and ozone layer depletion.So all will be increase at high rate will badly damage the environment.
3)Excessive of Coal mining results in destruction of fertile lands.

d. (i)Solar Energy is better than thermal energy because it worked on sunlight which is a natural resource. Its is cost free and a convenient method to gain energy. It is CO2 free renewable source of energy, whereas any other source of thermal energy produce CO2 that leads to environment pollution.
d. (ii) Water should not be thrown on fire caused by petrol because they are lighter than water. That is why they continues to float over water hence continues to burn. So rather than controlling the fire it will spread the fire.

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