Solve this:
1. Rate of change of position is called________________  
2. During uniform motion velocity is _________________
3. A particle at rest moves with uniform acceleration. It is displaced by 5 m in the first 5 s of its journey. At what time will be its displacement be 25 m ?

Study the graph care fully and answer the question that follow:
Velocity (m/)s

4. During which time interval is the particle retarding ?

5. Is the acceleration constant ? If so find its magnitude and direction. 

6. At what time is the particle momentarily at rest ?
  7. Find the displacement of the particle from  t =0 s to t =6s .


Dear student,
1 velocity
2 constant
4 particle is retarding during 0 to 3 sec
6 3 sec

post other questions seperately.

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