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1. Why should governers, teachers, inspectors and other important and powerful persons do to improve the lot of children living in slums ?
2. What does the poet wish for the children of slum ?
3. "History is there where language is son". Justify ?
4. Find yet for these....................capes and stars of word
(i) Who are these children ?
(ii) What is their would like ?
(iii) What kind of future does the poet foresec for them ?
(iv) Why does the poet say that the narrow street is sealed ?

Dear Student,
Given below is the answer to two of your questions. Kindly post the others in a separate thread.
  1. The poet wants the governors, teachers, inspectors and other important powerful people to bridge the gap between the world of the children and the civilised world on the map. This will help to wipe out the picture of poverty and pain.
  2. The poet wishes that the children will have a better life. He wants the children to breathe good air. The children should free from the slums and go out freely, exploring the world outside.
I hope you find this answer helpful. Please post more questions on the forum to be assisted by our team. 
Thank you. 

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